About Us

Now more than ever, we need to strengthen the bonds of trust between our communities and local law enforcement. That’s our mission at Back the Blue 5K – an events organization founded by a former police officer who was injured in the line of duty.

We partner with local supporters of our men and women in blue to put on a 5K race, with a share of the revenue going to a law enforcement agency or a police-supported charity of their choosing. Contact us to organize a 5K where you live—and honor those neighbors among us who risk everything to protect and serve.

Back the Blue 5k has dozens of local partners across the country who work with us to provide the best event possible for your community. While we work on your event, you’ll be in direct contact with our organizers.

Our Founders

Joseph Murphy

My name is Joseph Murphy and I am the president of Back the Blue 5K. I served as a police officer with the Baltimore City Police Department, and later with the Montgomery County, Md Police Department. During my career, there were a number of high-profile incidents that drove a wedge between police and their local communities. I saw the effects firsthand—a suspicion of motives, a decline in cooperation and less willingness to support the needs of law enforcement (including funding for critical equipment).

This growing divide was extremely upsetting to me, as it has been to anyone who risks their lives to protect and serve. I realized that, somehow, we had to work together to unite communities with their local law enforcement agencies.

After I was injured in a police pursuit, I left law enforcement and decided to devote myself to building those bridges. That’s when I started Back the Blue 5K, an events organization dedicated to helping local police connect with their communities and to raising money for law enforcement causes.

More than anything, I want to repair the trust between local citizens and their neighbors in blue. By bringing them all together for a day of family fun, we are able to show that police officers are “real people” too. I hope more and more communities will join in our effort by participating in a Back the Blue 5K.

Jenni King

My name is Jenni King, the Event Director for Back the Blue 5K. I am the only member of Back the Blue 5K team who has not been in law enforcement, but I am passionate about the cause we serve. My appreciation for all the brave men and women in blue runs very deep.

As Event Director, I oversee every phase of a 5K, from the initial contacts with participants right through to the post-event follow-up.  I work with the city on permits, get necessary rentals, create a media/social media plan, communicate with sponsors, and run registration through our website.

I have over 12 years of experience in planning events of all types and sizes, including races from 150 participants to over 5,000.  However, I have never taken events as personally as these 5K races. Whether we are raising money for a new K-9 unit or for the family of a fallen officer, we are serving those who serve us, and at a time of their greatest need.

I ask everyone who wants to share in our mission to contact me directly at jenni@backtheblue5k.com.